Beginners Course 1

The Beginners Surf Course is designed as both introductory surf lessons as well a supplementary guidance for those who are still new to surfing.

NZD $90

The Beginners Surf Package, gives you unlimited access to a series of progressive, simple, easy to follow mini modules that collectively move you towards paddling into and catching your own waves.

The course isolates the important foundational basics of surfing into sensible progressions.


Surfing a wave requires you to piece together a series of skills. You need to know how to pop up to your feet, but first, to catch a wave you need to paddle correctly, to paddle correctly you need to know how to position your body correctly on your board.

When each skill is taught in isolation, you establish good technique from the beginning.

The video tutorials, diagrams, and beautiful imagery in each module will encourage, guide and inspire you.

Step by step you will build good habits and correct technique. You will know the common mistakes to avoid and will fast track yourself to riding waves confidently, and with good style.

A break down of everything technical about surfing will give you confidence with your equipment. You will learn how to find a good fit learning surfboard, and do things like apply surf wax, remove old wax, attach a surf leash and put in removable fins.


One of the best things about the Beginners Package, is you get to do it your way and find your own flow with the course.

Like having a personal surf coach on your device, you can flick between modules as you need. Learn about reading waves, or where to best position yourself in the water, while refining paddling skills and trouble shooting your pop up.

You gain access to a private Facebook group where you can network with girls around the world who are in the course, learning to surf with you.

The Beginners Surf Course will become your landing place, your inspiration, your coach, your everything surf go-to.

So dive in and join this sisterhood of surf and inspiration. Gift yourself access to the material in the modules and let us help you find your flow in the ocean.

Welcome to your very own 24/7 personal surf coach.

Be sure to watch the video in your first WELCOME module and then work your way through your lessons.

Marking them as complete is optional and we all know it can feel super satisfying to tick things off!

There will be times you will need to review earlier lessons but you still have access to them if you mark them as complete.

Have fun!

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