beginners checklist

Here it is, nice and simple. The 10 essential pieces of equipment that you will need before heading out for your first surf.

Plus a little bit of extra information to make the technical side of your surf equipment easy.

  1. LONGBOARDS give you volume and stability which is what you need to get going. Foam longboards (foamies) give you the protection against bumps and bruises and their rubber fins cope with being ridden into the sand. There are a lot of variables out there to the classic longboard shape. When you are looking to hire or buy a surfboard you might find yourself having a conversation about different board dimensions / litre-age /volume / your weight / surfing ability etc. It can get technical. Our e-book has a free height/weight formula that will guide you towards finding the perfect learning board.
  3. BIKINI or one piece. If you are surfing in warm water and don’t need a wetsuit, make sure the swim suit you use is secure.
  4. WETSUIT Obviously the need for a wetsuit is dependent on the water temperature where you are surfing. A bikini underneath your wetsuit makes getting changed in carparks much easier.
  5. TOWEL
  6. WAX If your board already has wax on, rub a little more on for added confidence.
  7. WAX COMB These are very handy little tools. Using a wax comb to rough up old wax on your board can be done if you don’t have any wax. You will also need a wax comb to remove old wax.
  8. FINS Old boards have glassed on fins. Check that the board you are using has fins in tact. If not, a fin key might be needed to screw fins into the fin plugs. Sounds technical but is super easy.
  9. LEASH Make sure it is securely attached to your board with a strong leash string (below)

Sign up to our beginners package to get further help with the technical side of surfing. Our surf equipment video tutorial keeps it simple and gives you confidence. We show you how to apply wax, removing old wax, correctly attach a surf leash and put in and remove the 3 different types of fin systems.