Carving begins as subtle changes in direction along the wave face. It is a fun sensation and it opens the door to the world of surfing manoeuvres.

Carving with good flow, speed, power and style is also an advanced manoeuvre.

Functional movements and carving is an area of surfing that is addressed with great detail in intermediate surf coaching, often to remedy incorrect technique that has become a habit while learning. .

So begin carving with functional movements and body positioning and you will develop good muscle memory reflexes from the start. Let’s nail the basics!

Keep in mind

Carving skateboards are THE BEST way to fast track your learning and these links are well worth checking out

Reading waves, predicting how they will break and finding your carving rhythm takes practise. Long peeling waves are the best to practise basic carving on.

Your arms are important and are what lead good shoulder rotation. Loose floppy arms will lead to floppy surfing.

A beautiful example

Forehand carving on dry land

maintain a low centre of gravity by bending at your knees (not waist)

Rotate your upper body so that your back arm crosses over your front foot (at shoulder height)

Transfer the weight from rail to rail by leaning