The alternate take off technique

This take off is only suitable on a longboard or foam board and is not a method that you can transfer to a shortboard. It is a good technique to try if you are having any of the following problems when using the popping up method:

  • You keep putting your knees on the board when you go to pop up
  • You are getting ‘stuck’ at any point during the pop up and can’t glide your feet through to the standing position
  • You find it hard to release your hands and lift up into a standing position
1. Push up position
2. Bring your back foot through
3. Plant your back foot, stay low
4. Bring your front foot forward
5. Release your hands
6. Outstretch your arms

The steps to the alternate take off technique

-Apply all of the correct body positioning and paddling techniques
– Lie down in your paddling position
– Keep your eyes looking to where you want to go as you paddle
– Place your hands below your shoulders
– Do a push up with your toes tucked at the tail of your surfboard
– Lift your whole body off the board into a plank position
– Slide your back foot through to your opposite knee
– Slide your front foot in between your hands
– Once you feel stable, release your hands and outstretch your arms
– Keep your your upper body straight, your knees bent and look to where you want to go.

Variations to this alternative take off method exist and you might find that you end up modifying this for your needs. This alternative method is the one that seems to be the most successful for those having trouble doing a pop up. The most important thing to avoid is placing your knee on the board during your take off.