a longboard is your best friend When you are learning to surf a longboard is essential. It provides you with the
The Essentials Checklist The equipment that you will need before you head off for your first surf… & how to
Good surfing begins with catching lots of waves. This requires good paddling. Good paddling begins with correct body positioning on
This module isolates the skill of paddling and requires you to have mastered lying on your board correctly. Suggested Practice
The white water is unofficially reserved for you to practice catching and riding wave, after wave, after wave. It is the
Popping up to your feet is a simple exercise that you can practice anywhere. Burying your fins in the sand
This take off is only suitable on a longboard or foam board and is not a method that you can
When you’ve mastered paddling, getting yourself into waves and trying some pop ups are the obvious next steps. This module
Catching unbroken waves is one of the biggest challenges as a beginning surfer. It requires practise, persistence and an understanding
Longboards are super buoyant and stable. This makes them ideal for learning on, but impossible to duck dive under waves.
So you are venturing beyond the white wash? Be prepared for some of the best rides of your life. But
Walk the walk and talk the talk with confidence. This little pocket dictionary of common surf terms will help you
Cathi from Yoganaki guides you through a deep restorative yoga flow. It is designed to increase the body's range of
Riana from Blue Mat Pilates explains and demonstrates the fundamentals of surf specific pilates exercises. This is not a full
Riana from blue mat pilates takes you through a 15 minute surf specific pilates class. In order to understand the