I’m Kara, the creator of Surf & Nourish. I love to surf and I am super passionate and excited about this space. My mission is to provide a landing place of support, sisterhood and inspiration for your surfing journey.

I live in New Zealand and feel lucky to be surrounded by amazing coastlines and beautiful beaches which have provided me with my lifestyle since my childhood.

I have surfed in remote corners of the world, spent years competing, worked in the industry and have taught a lot of people how to surf. Needless to say, surfing has been my thing for a very long time. I know the power of a life fulfilled by the sea, and am passionate about providing access to this lifestyle for others.

Surfing and Me

I never used to like surfing left handers very much. It is my backhand and it always felt so strange to me that I wasn’t facing the wave. But after living in Raglan, home of New Zealand’s best and most consistent left hand point breaks for nearly 10 years, I had no choice. Raglan was still a sleepy little town with not a lot else to do other than surf every day. So I got in a lot of practise. I loved challenge myself and refining my surfing. I competed on the New Zealand surfing circuit, had good sponsorship and gained some great titles. Now going left is my preference which is a good thing. Some of the best waves that I have surfed around the world have been left handers.


What’s exciting about surfing is that suddenly you are meeting a whole lot of great people. Life long friends in some cases.

It’s amazing when I think about how much surfing has shaped my life. All of my travels, the places I have lived, the people I’ve met and the friends I’ve made. They have all been influenced by surf. I met my husband Mitch while surfing on an island in Sumbawa, Indonesia and we haven’t stopped sharing incredible waves around the globe since. Mitch thrives on being challenged in the ocean and he inspires me in and out of the water. 
I sometimes wonder how different my life would be if I never surfed. 

Surfing with a baby on board

Some of my favourite waves that I have surfed were the ones I shared with my daughter while she was in my belly.

I never would have believed that riding my longboard on small, crumbly waves could possibly take the cake. But oh the magic!

Surfing Mumma

Surfing as a mum requires a lot of things to line up. I have more appreciation for my time in the water now than I ever did. Every single wave counts when you have a 40 minute window and if someone drops in on you, or snakes you, it really hurts. One thing is for sure, if I knew this before I was a Mum, I would have given every Mum out there all of my waves.

Mums rule and if I could re-write the surfing etiquette rule book, it would state: Surfing Mumma’s can have as many set waves as they want.

Water Babes

I’m a pisces and water is my happy place. Fresh flowing rivers and the sea, I take every opportunity to jump in.

When there’s no waves I will swim a length of the bay. Or I’ll go for a beach run and jump into the sea straight after. I’m renewed and uplifted every time I leave the water. 

I was in the sea almost every day when I was pregnant with my girl and funnily enough, she too gravitates towards water at every opportunity.

Surf travel

Surfing usually dictates my travel and it has taken me off the beaten track and to some crazy, sometimes scary, interesting, places. One thing that challenges me is surfing in remote areas where the religious and cultural code is for women to be covered from head to toe. Being a tall western female can make it hard to be discrete and you’re showing up in these villages where they are highly religious or one generation removed from living a very primitive life in the jungle.


Being in the best possible health is a big passion of mine. A formula that works for me is doing many little things in my day that collectively contribute to my wellbeing. Eating well is a big part of this and I always have nutritious food to create tasty and nourishing meals.

I love being creative with food and I know I surf better and for longer when I’m well nourished.

The Nourish side of Surf & Nourish is a big part of this space that is still under construction. Good, nutritious food that complements surfing. I’m working on putting together some of my nutritional surfing secrets and recipes on this site. Watch this space.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting.

I hope that you leave inspired.

X Kara