Learn to surf. Be inspired.

Welcome to a surfing sisterhood where we help you find your flow in the ocean.

“After teaching hundreds of people to surf in 1 hour lessons, and seeing them so focused to get to their feet. I was often asked to relay all the important points, the advice and the tips that they missed taking in along the way.”

Online self paced beginners course NZD $90

Our online, self paced, learn to surf package gives you advice, guidance and support to fast track you to riding waves with style and confidence. Welcome to a course of introductory surf lessons that double as supplementary guidance for those who are still new to surfing.

You own the programme.
Do it at your pace.
In your time.

It will become your landing place, your inspiration, your coach, your everything surf go-to. So come and join us.
Join this sisterhood of surf and inspiration and let us help you find your flow in the ocean.

Over 10 hours worth of one on one surf coaching

10 progressive surf modules with video, diagrams, checklists, simple instructions, guidance, trouble shooting and inspiration.


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